Sharks Make This Golf Course’s Water Hazard An Even Greater Hazard (Video)

This is one golf course where retrieving you ball from the water is not an option.

Located in suburban Brisbane, Australia, the Carbrook Golf Club figured it would be a good idea to fill their water hazard with 30 live sharks.  And in case you were wondering, no, this course was not designed by Greg Norman.

Here is how the course’s website describes their shark-infested waters:

In the early 90’s, the Logan River burst its banks, resulting in large volumes of water covering the course for an extended period of time. As the water level dropped, large volumes of fish species were contained in the many creeks and lakes of Carbrook. For years, rumours abound of a shark in the lake. It was rarely sighted but often talked about. In more recent years, sightings have become a regular occurrence, often more than one being seen at a time. [Carbrook Golf Club]

Sounds cool, but I’ll take my round of golf minus the presence man-eating fish.  Here is a look at the sharks of Carbrook Golf Club.

Hat Tip – [Carbrook Golf Club]

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