Keenan Cahill Teams Up With The Giants’ Brian Wilson And Cody Ross To Sing “Dynamite” (Video)

When Keenan Cahill started his YouTube channel, it was supposed to be nothing more than a kid enjoying his hobby.  It has turned into much more than that, and suddenly he has become an internet sensation, performing in videos with popular artists like David Guetta, DJ Pauly D and 50 Cent.

As for his latest video, Keenan teamed up with two members of the reigning World Series champion San Francisco Giants; Cody Ross and Brian Wilson.  The three of them, and Giants’ mascot Lou Seal, got together to perform Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite” in an effort to raise awareness for a charitable event that Ross and Wilson are holding at the team’s May 25th game against the Florida Marlins.

The event is appropriately named “Dynamite: A Fundraiser For Keenan Cahill.”

At the age of one, Keenan was diagnosed with MPS Type 6, a rare genetic lysosomal storage disorder.  He underwent a bone marrow transplant one year later and was required to remain in isolation for almost a year, in order to prevent infection.  Keenan has had to undergo several surgeries since then, but has battled through these obstacles and is currently a freshman in high school, as well as an internet sensation.

Here is a look at their promotional video for the fundraiser.

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