A Robot Delivered The Opening Pitch At Today’s Phillies Game (Video)

I thought I had seen it all after watching fisherman Dave Mercer cast his opening pitch at a Toronto Blue Jays game a few years ago.

I was wrong.

During today’s matinee game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Philadelphia Phillies, a robot made by engineers from the University of Pennsylvania was assigned the task of throwing out the opening pitch.  The robot headlined “Science Day” at Citizens Bank Park,” and although it could very likely be programmed to toss a ball faster than the Reds’ Aroldis Chapman, it was instructed to throw hard enough to reach the plate, but soft enough to avoid injuring the Phillie Phanatic, according to the robot’s makers, Jordan Brindza and Jamie Gewirtz.

Here is a look at the groundbreaking opening pitch.  Who knows?  Perhaps it wont be long before robots are throwing out every pitch during an MLB game.

Hat Tip – [Philadelphia Inquirer]

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