Canucks Win! Green Guys Celebrate With Vince Vaughan (Video)

It seemed only appropriate that the roller coaster ride of a series between the Vancouver Canucks and the Chicago Blackhawks ended in dramatic fashion with a Game 7 overtime game-winning goal off the stick of Alex Burrows.  Especially after the Canucks winger blew an opportunity to seal the victory with a penalty shot in the dying moments of regulation, and almost gave the game away with a turnover on the Hawks’ tying goal late in the third and a penalty early in overtime.

But when it was all said and done, Burrows would come through in the clutch, leaving the city of Vancouver in party mode as they were finally able to eliminate the skeletons from their closet and get past the Blackhawks.

Among those doing the partying were the Canucks’ Green Guys, and this time they brought a friend.

But wait!  Isn’t Vince Vaughan a Blackhawks fan? (0:42 mark)

From the first angle this looks like nothing more than some innocent fun from the Green Guys, but from another angle provided by Versus (below), things looked much raunchier.

68 + 1 = …