Figure Skater Eric Radford Takes An Elbow From Partner, Continues Program With Broken, Bloody Nose (Video)

It’s official!  Soccer players are bigger pussies than figure skaters.

Despite their tendency to drape themselves in the fruitiest of outfits, some of these figure skaters are actually pretty tough customers.  Take Canada’s Eric Radford, for example, who was elbowed in the nose by his partner, Meagan Duhamel, at the beginning of their pairs short program at the World Figure Skating Championships on Wednesday.

It was the type of shot that would have sent most soccer players off on a stretcher, but the Canadian figure skater would not go down in a similar fashion.

Blood could be seen flowing from the nose of Radford throughout the entire program, but he continued on, later saying, “I could see, I could breathe, I’m not dying, I’ll finish the program and deal with it after.”  His nose was broken and had to be reset by doctors, but he seemed to be in good spirits following the skate, as the Canadian pair currently sit in seventh place.

When asked whether Radford would wear a helmet for Thursday’s long program, Duhamel replied, “I think he’s going to need to.”

If Radford does come out with a helmet on today, we’ll have that footage for you immediately.  For now, here is a look at their bloody performance during yesterday’s short program.  The elbow takes place at 1:03, with a great replay of it at 4:28.

Hat Tip – [The Toronto Star]

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