Roger Goodell Gets Booed At Draft, Silences Crowd With Moment Of Silence (Video)

I always thought that the players were at a disadvantage against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the owners during this lockout.  That always appears to be the case with lockouts in professional sports.  The owners always have the upper hand because they are rich, with or without their football teams operating.  As for the players, they need to play to make money.  And for most of these guys, it can be the difference between a multi-million dollar NFL contract, or a $12 an hour department store job.

Yes, it is no big secret that the league holds the upper hand in this battle, but after watching Commissioner Roger Goodell silence the crowd in New York, I am beginning to think that the players may have embarked upon a mission that they don’t stand a chance at succeeding in – Mission Impossible, if you will.

After all, the New York fans can be some of the toughest customers to compete with, but for Goodell, it appeared to be a cakewalk.  It was almost as if he has Jedi powers and used “the force” to silence the disgruntled fans who desperately want a 2011 NFL season.

With boos and chants of “We want football” raining down from the stands at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, Goodell used the sly tactic of ordering everyone to shut their mouths and take part in a moment of silence for those who were affected by the tornado in the Southern United States.

Smooth move Roger.  It takes quite the persuasive man to silence a raucous New York crowd.  Now lets see if he can use that persuasiveness to get the players back on the field in time for next season.

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