9 Sexiest Celebrity Sports Fans

Few things are better than a hot female sports fan. One of those things is a famous hot female sports fan. When the cameras scan the crowd, it’s normally just a bunch of dudes and unknown females. But every so often, you get autonomously devout practitioners. There exist a bunch of different reasons why they’re out there doing what they’re doing, but the easiest thing to do is just accept it and enjoy the scenery.

9. Kim Kardashian – Lakers

Sure, she’s the sister of a wife (Khloe) of a player (Lamar Odom), but the Kardashians have been a big name on the scene long before Lamar showed up. Further, it seems that Kim may actually enjoy the spotlight (more on this as it develops), so what better place to appear than a Laker game?

8. Elisha Cuthbert – LA Kings

This Canadian actress has hockey in her blood. And yes, she did for a while date Los Angeles King and douchebag extraordinaire Sean Avery. But that was actually because she was originally a fan, not the other way around. And one would have to be pretty devoted to date that guy. She is currently seeing Toronto Maple Leaf, Dion Phaneuf, but like any loyal fan, that hasn’t stopped her from cheering for the silver and black.

7. Katie Holmes – LA Galaxy

This one is probably due to the fact that her and her husband are friends with Posh and Becks, but since she’s not married or dating anyone on the team herself, she’s eligible. Granted, she’s not rocking the jersey, but if there’s a game in town, chances are you can find Holmes and Suri posting up, watching the match, even if Cruise is filming MI:4 or fighting Xenu or whatever.

6. Jennifer Love Hewitt – Celtics

I don’t know “why” a Los Angeles-based actress born in Waco, Texas, loves the Boston Celtics. What’s important is that she does. And she reps the team faithfully, flying her colors at many Celtic home games, despite living a daunting 3,000 miles away. Yeah, she looks pretty good doing it. Her favorite Celtic is Ray Allen, so Ray, if you’re not picking up the phone, you are doing yourself a disservice.

5. Hilary Swank – Lakers

Swank has been in Hollywood for 20 years and has long considered herself a big fan of sports in general, but there must be something more than that, cause she seems to appear at EVERY Laker game. She’s like the female Jack Nicholson, only not completely round. And, unlike Jack, she seems to enjoy herself at the games.

4. Anna Kournikova – Heat

She and Enrique live in Miami. Where did you think they lived, Cleveland? Together, this celebrity power couple can be seen at nearly every Heat game, sitting courtside and looking good. Now, I’m not sure if she’s attending because Enrique wants her there, or if she’s the bigger fan (I haven’t talked to her since we dated), but the fact is that she’s on the floor, cheering them on every game, so as long as she’s there as a fan, she’s on the list.

3. Keira Knightley – West Ham

After becoming an actress and moving to Los Angeles, Ms. Knightley was very concerned about where she could catch the West Ham games she had been watching since she was a little girl. Well, enter Sonny McLean’s, the Santa Monica sports bar that fills up for soccer games at 6 AM and stays full till the last one goes off. If she is stuck on the west coast, and not shooting a film, you can probably catch her there if West Ham is playing.

2. Eliza Dushku – Celtics

She has been seen dating Rick Fox, which doesn’t explain why she’s a Celtic fan instead of a Laker fan, so she’s still allowed on the list. No one on this list, except for maybe #1, reps their team’s colors as often, or as well. And unlike Kim K. and the like, Dushku seems to do it for no other reason than she loves the team. The fact that she’s smoking hot is just a bonus.

1. Ashley Judd – Kentucky

Hands down, the winner. No one has been more vocal in their support of a squad than Judd has for the Wildcats. Why? Well, she grew up in Lexington, then was Phi Beta Kappa at UK. I’m sure readers would like a much more compelling story, but it’s that simple. Isn’t that why most people root for a college? Judd can be found at most every UK tourney game sporting her colors, making her the best female fan in this great nation.

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