Here Is Another Classic Moment Of Charles Barkley On The Golf Course (Video)

Anytime Charles Barkley has his hands on a golf club, we can expect to see some “must see” moment unfold before our eyes.  That was once again the case when Sir Charles took part in the Regions Tradition golf tournament on the Champion’s Tour this week.

The hilarity began on the first tee, as Barkley performed his patented stanky-leg golf swing, before eventually watching the head of his driver fly further than his golf ball.  Everyone had a kick out of it, including Barkley’s partner, Fuzzy Zoeller.  His fellow TNT studio mates, Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith also seemed to enjoy the spectacle, and they were kind enough to share this “must see” moment with us all during yesterday’s coverage of the NBA Playoffs on TNT.


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