Jaymie Graham’s Leg Break Is The Worst Leg Break In The History Of Leg Breaks (Video)

We have seen some nasty leg breaks before, but none of them have made me want to stick my head in the toilet and vomit my life away.  This one does!

During a Western Australian Football League game, South Fremantle’s Jaymie Graham was the victim of an unfortunate incident that saw Subiaco’s Danny Hughes dive at his knee and snap his leg in half.  Yes, it is as gruesome as it sounds, so if your stomach is feeling a little weak, you may want to (a) avoid watching this clip, or (b) have a barf bag handy before pressing the play button.

Among the list of injuries Graham sustained in this incident are a dislocated kneecap and damage to all the ligaments around his knee.  As for the injuries you can expect to sustain after watching this clip, that would include an upset stomach and nausea.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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