Lakers Lose Again, Ron Artest Clotheslines J.J. Barea In The Face (Video)

The Dallas Mavericks have gone from road weary to road warriors in the playoffs.  After finally getting the monkey off their back and finding success on the road in Game 6 of their first round series against the Portland Trail Blazers, the Mavs have strung together three straight road wins, including victories in Games 1 and 2 of their second round series against the Los Angeles Lakers.

With the Mavs success coming at the expense of the Lakers, frustrations began to boil over late in last night’s game.  Even Dallas coach Rick Carlisle knew that there was a possibility something “crazy” could happen with Ron Artest on the floor, and his prophecy was fulfilled when Artest clotheslined Mavs guard J.J. Barea with less than 25 seconds remaining.

Charles Barkley seems to think it is worthy of a suspension.  What do you think?

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