Man With No Arms Or Legs Throws Out Opening Pitch In Japan (Video)

This clip is amazing, awe-inspiring and hilarious all in one.

During a Japanese League baseball game on May 6th between Seibu and Rakuten, sportswriter Hirotada Ototake threw out the opening pitch.  What makes this both amazing and awe-inspiring is the fact that Ototake was born with no arms or legs.  He is popular in his country for his best selling autobiography, “No One’s Perfect,” which is based on the many obstacles he has had to overcome throughout his life due to his physical impairment.  He dedicated the pitch to the continued efforts of those still recovering from the March 11th earthquake and tsunami.

And if you were still wondering what makes this clip hilarious, I was referring to the fact that a man with no arms or legs can deliver a pitch with as much power and precision as U.S. President Barack Obama.

Hat Tip – [Japan Probe]

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