Ines Sainz Thinks Michael Irvin Is Michael Vick…And A Boxer (Video)

Last weekend’s boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley at the MGM Grand Gardens Arena in Las Vegas brought out some big name sports reporters, celebrities and athletes.

Among the big name sports reporters was the always sexy Ines Sainz.  As for the athletes, Michael Irvin was among the many, however, if you ask Sainz, the Hall of Fame receiver is looking a lot like Michael Vick these days.

While chasing the boys around last week for interviews, Sainz came across Irvin.  Whether she knew he was actually the former Cowboys receiver, and not the current Eagles quarterback is anyone’s guess, but when it came time to introduce her guest, Sainz kicked things off by saying “Well friends, we are now with Michael Vick.”

The subtitles (for her Mexican station) may say “Michael Irvin,” but I know I heard “Vick” come out of her mouth (0:50 mark)….

And by the way, Michael Irvin is a former football player, not a boxer (image above).

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