Oregon State Sports Reporter Eats Napkin While Drunk At Denny’s (Video)

Every so often we receive an absolute gem in our tips box from fans of the site.  Here is yet another one, which comes from loyal reader Carmen P.

It takes place at a Los Angeles area Denny’s, where a group of friends noticed something rather strange going on in the booth behind them.  And nowadays, anytime something strange takes place, that’s your cue to press the record button on your camera or cell phone.  This group of friends did just that, and what they got out of it was some great footage of Oregon State play-by-play announcer Mike Parker eating a napkin while heavily intoxicated.

Parker sat alone in his booth enjoying his meal, like any drunkard would when food is in front of them, but when that delicious Denny’s breakfast was gone, Parker still had an appetite that was not yet fully satisfied.  He was hoping a couple of napkins would take care of that problem, but they only seemed to make things worse, as this video is currently making its rounds on YouTube.

Parker has since confirmed that he is the man in the video, and has stated that he will seek help for what he described as “some long-standing issues with alcohol.”  Hopefully someday he will be able to overcome both his addiction to alcohol, as well as his addiction to eating napkins.

Here is a look at the video.

Hat Tip – Reader Carmen P.

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