Picture Of The Day: Serena Williams’ Sexy Twitter Avatar Is Gone, Should Go Back Up

Above is the incredibly hot image that Serena Williams posted as her Twitter avatar yesterday.  Unfortunately for every man who can appreciate a body with so many lovely curves in so many lovely places, that avatar is now gone.

Thankfully, we have it here, so you can still enjoy it anytime you wish.

Serena took the image down after many questioned whether she had “crossed the line” with the image, and whether it was a smart thing to do one week after a man was arrested for stalking her outside her Palm Beach home.  In my opinion, she should put it back up!  Just because someone stalked her, does it mean she can’t express herself for the rest of her life?  Does it mean that she must now hide her body, or take the blame for not doing so should any other males decide to stalk or even rape her?  Have we not learned anything from Slut Walk?

Your body looks outstanding in that sexy lingerie and those scorching hot heals Serena.  If you want to show it off, go for it!  It is your body.  You own it, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Hat Tip – [Greg Couch On Tennis]