Sexy Spandex Volleyball Bottoms (Gallery)

UPDATE: What exactly is it that makes volleyball shorts so fascinating? Oh, wait, it’s not mysterious – it’s because they’re really damn hot, especially when they’re being worn by toned volleyball players. That’s as true now as it’s always been, so we’re going to oblige the modern reader with a couple more bonus pictures added in the gallery. If you’ve seen it before, enjoy, and if you haven’t, well, enjoy it even more.

UPDATE: If you’ve ever spent any time watching women’s volleyball, you’ve noticed the special shorts they wear in order to play the game. I’m not sure what it is about these shorts, but they’re probably the sexiest piece of apparel yet invented, which means that the photos in this gallery are only a taste of the riches out there to be appreciated. To reflect this, we’re adding a couple of bonus pictures to the gallery – it’s still far from a comprehensive study of volleyball shorts, but a couple of drops in a bucket never hurt anyone.

Time and time again I have told you all about my infatuation with women’s volleyball.  I have told you all many times about how I can’t seem to get enough of their long sexy legs and gorgeous butts in those sexy little shorts.

Well I am tired to telling you this over and over.  For those who are already convinced, enjoy the following pics of sexy spandex volleyball bottoms.  And for those of you not yet convinced, if the pictures below don’t change that, I don’t know what will.

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