Chad Ochocinco Rides Bull For 1.5 Seconds, Makes $210K (Video)

When the NFL lockout finally comes to an end, Chad Ochocinco will have a difficult decision to make: Should he return to the daily grind of playing football in the NFL, or try his hand at the Professional Bull Riding circuit?

During the 2009 season Ochocinco made $4.75 million, which works out to be just under $300K per game.  On Saturday night in Atlanta, the Bengals’ free agent wide receiver made $210K to ride a PBR bull named Deja Vu for only 1.5 seconds ($10k from PBR and $200k from sponsors).

So what should he do?  In all likelihood, Ochocinco’s next contract will be worth much less than his last, meaning his per-game average could be awfully close to the amount he made for his 1.5 second ride on Saturday.

So sixty minutes of guys trying to take your head off as you catch balls over the middle of the field, or risk being trampled on by a bull after riding it for less than two seconds?  Tough call.  That is one decision I’m glad I don’t have to make.

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