College Baseball Players Take Part In Some Rain Delay Jousting (Video)

When it comes to college baseball, the quality of play is obviously not as great as what you will find in the Major Leagues.  The quality of entertainment during their rain delays, on the other hand, is second to none.

That was evident last season when Florida Atlantic and Western Kentucky put on a show of epic proportions during a two-hour rain delay.  And for those who have already forgotten exactly what these college kids are capable of providing during a lengthy weather stoppage, members of the Radford and High Point baseball teams were kind enough to remind us on Sunday with some rain delay jousting.

It is somewhat frightening to think that  their rain delay antics can at times be far more dangerous than the actual game itself.  If you don’t quite get what we are talking about, you may want to check out the video below.

For those who may be interested, here is a look at the entire rain delay show.  Not as good as the jousting scene, but entertaining nonetheless.

Why do I get the feeling that most of these baseball players are majoring in drama?

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