9 Athletes with Ridiculously Hot Daughters

These lists are always tricky, because I know my audience, but I also know that these (somewhat) unaffected girls are appearing on this list simply because of their lineage. HOWEVER, they are hot. And that WILL NOT be ignored. So let’s all appreciate their beauty and dynamic talents on a civil level and never contemplate a bad or weird thought about them. If we do, let’s make sure that it doesn’t get traced back to this site, which is simply doing everyone a public service. Cause their dads are athletes, and even at 50 or so, they can still kill me. Especially that Ali dude.

With that in mind, and in honor of Doug Flutie’s ridiculously hot daughter Alexa Flutie joining the Patriots cheer-leading squad, here are nine athletes (besides Doug Flutie) with ridiculously hot daughters.

9. Hulk Hogan/Brooke Hogan

The daughter of WWF superstar Hulk Hogan, Brooke has made a name for herself trading under the Hogan name. She has appeared on Hogan Knows Best, a reality show, and has even popularized the grill after performing a very strange duet with Paul Wall. These days she’s known as “the Hogan that didn’t kill their best friend in a drag racing accident.”

8. Muhammad Ali/Laila Ali

One of the few boxers I’m not ashamed to admit I’m attracted to. There are plenty more I am ashamed to admit I’m attracted to, but that’s neither here or there. She broke ground as the first noted female boxer, and fortunately, her looks are intact after she finished her career.

7. Wayne Gretzky/Paulina Gretzky

If her dad’s “The Great One,” I propose we make her “The Hot One.” While I don’t really want to get in to a debate on her dad’s contribution to her looks, I have no problem giving a hat-tip to Janet Jones, who I’m guessing donated the lion’s share of the hotness DNA to young Paulina.

6. Mark Gastineau/Brittny Gastineau

Brittny “I’d like to buy a vowel” Gastineau has lived in the limelight. Not the “Bruce Jenner” limelight, but she was kind of a spoiled rich girl before it was cool to be a spoiled rich girl. And these days, the Hiltons, Richies, Olsens, and even the Kardashians might be on their way out as the public realizes what they’re really working with. I’m sure (I’m not) that she has lots of skills to fall back on. All the best, Britt.

5. Norv Turner/Stephanie Turner

Huh. Not much to say about this chick nor her father. Norv has always proven himself to be a sage, offensive-minded head coach. I’m praying that his offspring (namely this one) doesn’t share a mind or even an interest in pro football strategy. She is a model/actress and even appeared in Monster-in-Law, which also starred Terry Bradshaw. Is it cool if we don’t examine that connection beyond assuming that there is a football friendship that is so benign that it needn’t be examined? Cool? Cool.

*I realized that I misremembered Bradshaw being in Monster-in-Law when he was really in Failure to Launch. I had plenty of time to correct this error, but really feel it only justifies a footnote, rather than an outright correction because the movies are basically the same in that no one reading this sports piece will recognize a difference between the two. Awesome.*

4. Vince McMahon/Stephanie McMahon

It’s almost hard to believe that the daughter of the WWF/E honcho would become such a spectacle. I guess when you’re Hulk Hogan’s daughter, you expect a private, guarded life, but when you’re Vince McMahon’s, you should know that the trust fund comes with a price tag. That price is objectification. Not all that crazy if you’re in the porn industry, but kinda crazy if you’re dealing with your dad in the family business.

3. Terry Bradshaw/Rachel Bradshaw

Watch out for that hairline, Rachel. Beyond that, I am really jammed up here, cause I think your dad is a little insane, so let’s just smile and nod for about 45 seconds while we all act like I just read a sonnet about April showers and May flowers. Perfect. Thanks. Now everyone look cool.

2. Guy Carbonneau

This one is all about awkwardness. She started dating (as a Senior in high school, if memory serves) Brenden Morrow, a rookie on the Dallas Stars, while her dad, Guy, was (if memory serves again, captain, if not just the senior player on the team) yet another player on the Dallas Stars. Fortunately, this didn’t turn into a Sean Avery-type affair. They dated, they got married in Dallas, and her dad never cross-checked her man in practice. Kinda nice when that works out, though it was probably very weird for a minute.

1. Joe Montana/Elizabeth Montana

I want to just go on a tangent about Skechers Shape-Ups, but I won’t, simply because this one already has the right body, and also, I really don’t wanna give those dumb shoes any more press. Is she the Joe Montana of hot girls? No. But she made the top of a list for being amazingly hot cause Joe Montana is her dad. I don’t think she’d have a problem with that and neither do we.

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