Here Is 13 Minutes Of Some Prostitute Ripping On Kyrie Irving (Video)

Last night Kyrie Irving found out that he will likely be headed to either the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Minnesota Timberwolves next season.  And if that news wasn’t bad enough, the former Duke Blue Devil has some more bad news headed his way, as Miss Hawaii has released a 13 minute YouTube video calling out Irving and his friends.

First off, we should mention that despite going by the name of “Miss Hawaii,” this woman is not from Hawaii and has not won any sort of beauty pageant in her life (one look at her will make that quite obvious).  Instead, word has it that she is a prostitute from the Bronx area who recently go into it with Kyrie Irving through a string of text and Twitter messages after Duke was eliminated from the NCAA Tournament a few months back.

Now she has taken her filthy (in more than one way) mouth to YouTube for yet another hate-filled rant against the highly-touted prospect.  I’m not quite sure what her beef is this time, but I believe she tries to explain that somewhere between all those expletives in this 13 minute clip. If you have children around, now would be a good time for earmuffs.

Warning: The language in the following video is NSFW (for those of you who didn’t get that from the paragraph above).

Hat Tip – [Black Sports Online]

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