Here Is A Hilarious Yet Heart-Warming Story About Dick Vitale

The following story and images were sent to us by a reader and fan of the site.  He couldn’t help but share it with us, and we couldn’t help but share it with you.  So here it is, as told by the reader himself (who wishes to remain anonymous):

This happened the other night in Sarasota Florida….

I’m at an ice cream place in Florida and I just saw Dick Vitale spill all over his face and shirt. Duke sucks.

… A few minutes later

Okay, he just handed my two-year-old niece an autographed childrens book that he apparently wrote… WTF? It’s called “Dickie V’s 123s and abcs.”  He had it on him.  And he took a photo with her.  The book has a button in the top corner that when pressed spits out Dick Vitale catch phrases in his real voice.  My niece thinks it’s the greatest thing of all time. She keeps pressing it and saying “Give me a high five baby!”.

I think all the proceeds go to children’s cancer research and my cousin just told me that Vitale has raised millions for cancer over the years, so I hereby declare Dick Vitale the greatest guy on the planet and officially feel bad for taking a sneaky pic of him spilling on himself.

Dick Vitale.  A sloppy ice cream eater, but a class act nonetheless. Here are a few pictures from their encounter.

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