Clemson And Davidson Provide Us With Some More Rain Delay Theatrics (Video)

I almost feel as though the action during a college baseball rain delay is more entertaining than the game itself.  And that is not to put down the quality of the game, or the players playing it.  Instead, that is simply a testament to the brilliant acting skills and creative minds of these young men.

We saw it on Sunday during a game between Radford and High Point, and the show continued last night when Davidson and Clemson faced off at Doug Kingsmore Stadium.  The game began at 6:30pm, but was halted due to rain in the first inning and did not resume until well after 9:30.  That gave the teams enough time to perform some human bowling, go deer hunting, reenact a Revolutionary War battle, take part in a horse race, run a football play, curl, box, play some doubles tennis, breakdance, do a few squats, and finish things off with a quick session in the tanning bed.

These rain delay performances are beginning to have me hoping for a wet summer, as I would love to see what these boys can come up with next.

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