There Was A Streaker At Anfield This Weekend As Well (Video)

As we mentioned before, we weren’t quite done with the streaking just yet.  We still have one more, and it comes via Sunday’s premiership game between Tottenham and Liverpool.

Unfortunately for this male streaker, the field was a little to wet for him to avoid that double-team tackle from two Liverpool players.  Surprisingly, neither player received a card or an injury on the tackle.  As for the security guards at Anfield, they looked like a dozen seniors running on ice.  This streaker probably could have outrun them on crutches.  Kind of makes you wonder what types of qualifications are required in order to get hired for such a job.

(There is no dong sightings in this video, but if a naked man’s rear is considered not safe for your in your workplace, you may want to wait until you get home to watch this clip.)

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