Here Is An Animated Conversation About The NBA Draft Lottery Between A Cavs Fan And A Raptors Fan (Video)

When the it was announced on Tuesday that the Cleveland Cavaliers would have the first overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, many thought it was a great story for a franchise who has gone through a difficult season after losing their star and latest first-overall pick, LeBron James, to the Miami Heat during the summer of 2010.

Well don’t tell that to Raptors fans (myself included), who also lost their star to free agency last summer, and have won only one playoff series in team history.  Sure, we had a first overall selection in 2006, but all we got out of that was Andrea Bargnani.  Yes, the Cavs sucked bad last season, but they were championship contenders in their five seasons.

So cry me a river Cavs fans.  One year of futility doesn’t make your team or city the logical feel-good choice for the first overall pick.  I can argue this fact all day, but instead, I’ll turn things over to my animated friends below.

(Warning: The following video contains plenty of NSFW language.)

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