Bo-Taoshi Is My New Favorite Sport (Video)

The clip below will likely have you asking yourself two questions: What is Bo-Taoshi and why have I never seen this amazing sport before?

In response to the first question, Bo-Taoshi is a game played between two teams of 75 individuals.  The role of the team on defense is to protect a giant pole that begins perpendicular to the ground, while the offensive team must attempt to bring the pole to a thirty-degree angle, respective to the ground.  We aren’t quite sure what means either team is allowed to use in order to accomplish their objective, but judging by the video below, it appears as though kicks to the head and ripping your opponent’s shirt is well within the rules of play.

As for the second question, the reason we have not seen more of this sport is because it is played primarily by Japanese army cadets.

Here is a look at an exciting round of Bo-Taoshi.

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