Roy Jones Got Knocked The F*ck Out On Saturday (Video)

This weekend boxing fans witnessed the tale of two fighters in their 40s who stepped into the ring and experienced two completely different outcomes.  At one end of the spectrum we have Bernard Hopkins, who became the oldest boxer to ever win a championship title at the age of 46 when he defeated Canadian Jean Pascal by unanimous decision.

And at the other end we have Roy Jones Jr., who was once considered the best boxer in the world, but as time has gone, so too has that reputation.  However, Jones has not yet retired from the ring, but one look at him getting knocked out by Russia’s Denis Lebedev in Moscow on Saturday will have you wondering why.

Jones did manage to make it to the 10th round of the fight, but was unable to survive a flurry of punches from Lebedev late in the bout, which seemingly had the former champion out on his feet.  Unfortunately, referee Steve Smoger was too slow moving in and calling the bout, allowing Lebedev to connect on one final right hand that knocked an unconscious Jones to the canvas.  Medics quickly rushed into the ring to check on the 42-year-old, and after several minutes he was able to make it back to his feet.  Although, we are almost certain that more than a few of his brain cells remain on the mat in Moscow.

Here is a look at the scary knockout from Saturday night.

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