Dinamo Bucharest’s Elis Bakaj Dodges A Firecracker (Video)

This doesn’t make any sense to me!

During a Romanian Cup game against Steaua Bucharest, Dinamo Bucharest striker Elis Bakaj had a wonderful scoring opportunity foiled when a fan of his team decided to throw a firecracker directly in front of him as he made his way towards the opposition’s goal.  The terrible decision from the Dinamo fan not only impeded Bakaj’s progress, but it also caused the referee to blow the play dead, as the rules indicate.

Dinamo Bucharest missed out on that brilliant scoring opportunity and they would eventually go on to lose the match by a score of 2-1.  Unfortunately, we do not have a name or face to attach to this foolish fan, but I am willing to bet that Steve Bartman is now living in Romania and had something to do with this.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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