Tehmeena Afzal Working Out Is A Sight To Behold (Video)

Two months ago a busty beauty by the name of Tehmeena Afzal inspired me to become a New York Mets fan.  Then I watched them go 5-13 in their first 18 games o the season, and the inspiration quickly faded.

Well it appears as though Tehmeena is back, and this time she has me dusting the cobwebs off my running shoes and workout clothes as I get set to hit the gym again.  Sure, I may not see any women with a chest as big or a bottom as round as Tehmeena’s, but I’ll never know for sure if I don’t give it a shot.

Here is a look at Tehmeena’s Afzal’s latest inspirational moment.  Is it enough to get you back into a gym?

Hat Tip – [Black Sports Online]

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