Picture Of The Day: You Think He Won The Fight? (More Pics Inside)

Zach Davis will probably go down as the guy who survived the biggest beating in the history of “The Ultimate Fighter.”  And by survived, we don’t mean he won the fight.  Instead, we are referring to the fact that he was somehow able to endure a brutal beating from Chuck O’Neil for two rounds without dying and with 20/20 vision…

…Okay, so we were lying about the 20/20 vision thing.  Sadly, Davis may never be able to fight again after tearing both retinas in his eyes during the bout.

He showed an incredible amount of testicular fortitude by standing in there and refusing to give up against O’Neil, but for a young fighter who came a long way from what he described as “fighting in a parking lot for 100 bucks,” this is probably not when or how he envisioned his mixed martial arts career would end.

Below is a look at Davis’ face shortly after the fight and the following day.

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