15 Sexiest Workout Girls of All Time

The days of the hot fitness guru may have come and gone. But to a generation of boys without cable or internet, daytime workout shows and ads for workout videos were as hot as it got. They died out a few years after sexy flight attendants did, so this career path is not the bastion of sexiness that it once was. However, it is still home to several very hot women of both today and yesterday. Let us celebrate them and their spandex leotards.

15. Ana Kuhanec

This YouTube video is called “Sensual Sexy Hot Fitness.” That’s actually almost what I pitched my editor as the name of this article. Her display is actually, in fact “sensual sexy hot fitness.” So she gets a pass.

14. Jennifer Nicole Lee

She pitches something called The Sexy Body Diet. She also looks like J. Lo. When taken in combo, she gets the red carpet rolled out for her here at TPS.

13. Zuzana Light

I’ll start off by saying Zuzana is married. Boo. She also is hot. Yay. She hosts fitness videos. Yay. She hosts them with her husband. Boo.

12. Jane Fonda

Uh. She’s Jane Fonda. After gaining fame as an actress in the 60’s, she experienced a renaissance in the world of fitness, releasing 20 fitness videos in the 80’s and 90’s. Now she’s mostly known for political stuff (Vietnam vets are not fonda Jane!) and being Ted Turner’s ex-wife.

11. Tracy Anderson

Credit (blame?) for Madonna’s tighttighttight body is due to Anderson, who has become a trainer to the stars after getting Madonna jacked even into her 50’s. Tracy is looking better than Madonna these days, but that’s not setting the bar very high.

10. Denise Austin

This 44 year-old is out of the TV game by an large, but she was a mid-morning staple on ESPN2 during my formative years. Consequently, I owe her both a “thank you” and an apology.

9. Suzanne Somers

She’s got two nude pictorials under her belt, and she was the face of the Thighmaster, so there should be little surprise she makes the list. She ushered in the age of the infomercial, for better or worse. The fact that she was Chrissy on “Three’s Company” was just the icing on the cake.

8. Jillian Michaels

Jillian is perhaps the best known of anyone on this list due to her involvement in the popular reality show “The Biggest Loser.” She serves as a trainer whipping contestants into shape, though this, the 11th season will be her last. She has parlayed her involvement in the show into several other (unremarkable) TV opportunities.

7. Mel B

In January of ’10, Scary Spice branched into fitness with Oxygen’s “Dance Your Ass Off.” Of course, before that little foray, she was telling people what she wants (what she really, really wants) as a Spice Girl. Who would have guessed that that gig wouldn’t have lasted forever?

6. Melissa Tucker

A regular on Celebrity Trainer TV, Melissa is in the process of producing her own TV show, but none of that takes away from the fact that she’s a crazy hot fitness guru. You don’t have to have your own show to be hot.

5. Cynthia Conde

Of course, I pick Cynthia, the host of Bridal Bootcamp, to make the cut for this list, then as I Google information on her, one of the first results is “Is Cynthia Conde a man?” She’s not. And she’s hot. It was a jarring experience, though.

4. Kiana Tom

A fixture on television for about a decade, this Irish, Chinese, and Hawaiian beauty hosted “Kiana’s Flex Appeal” on ESPN after a stint as a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders. She also hosted other ESPN programs with hilarious names, such as “Kiana’s Too Fit 2 Quit,” “Summer Sizzle with Kiana,” and “Hot Summer Nights with Kiana,” all of which sound like porn.

3. Allison Sweeney

After holding down the fort on “Days of Our Lives,” Allison got a huge bump in hosting “The Biggest Loser.” Beats a soap opera. She’s worked her way down from a size twelve to where she is now, which is no small task.

2. Natalie Jill

It’s disarming how many of the entrants on this list have last names that sound like first names. If you want your daughter be a fitness guru, you have a thirty percent better chance of seeing her realize her goal if she has a last name like “John” or “Elizabeth.”

1. Danijela Crevar

A bodybuilder, Danijela seems to have toned down the muscle and just become a regular hot girl. Nothing to sneeze at. She taught herself how to bodybuild, which I imagine is about as difficult as teaching yourself how to skydive.

Honorable Mention: This Gif

This gif doesn’t really count, but we felt the need to include it anyway. God bless these girls for fighting the good fight.

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