Blake Griffin Lost To A Blindfolded Busboy in Pop-A-Shot On Jimmy Kimmel Live (Video)

Ricardo “the Busboy” had already beaten the likes of Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Charles Barkley in the Jimmy Kimmel Live Pop-A-Shot Challenge.  Last night he was looking to make Blake Griffin his latest victim.

Beating the NBA’s best has become awfully easy for Ricardo.  In fact, it has been so easy that Kimmel decided to make things interesting by blindfolding Ricardo during his battle against the Clippers’ All-Star forward.  And while the added impediment did make things more difficult for the busboy, it wasn’t enough to finally dethrone the Pop-A-Shot champion, as he held on to his title for yet another day with the 60-57 victory.

Griffin may be the king when it comes to dunking, but you have to feel as though he was at least somewhat embarrassed to lose to a man who cleans tables at a bar for a living.  Thankfully, he still has another four months to work on that 64% free-throw average before next season rolls around.

In the meantime, here is another look at last night’s Pop-A-Shot competition.

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