Hockey Fan Jumps On The Ice And Fights A Player (Video)

After watching the clip below, I guess my first question would be “what the hell are fans doing on the ice in the first place?”  As far as I can tell, there are two guys in shorts and running shoes parading around the ice seemingly running the show while the players and referees look on.

They are wearing shoes!  You have helmets and skates on!  Lay a shoulder into these punks and teach them a lesson.  If they want to get in on the violence and fisticuffs, then they should probably play the sport, rather than watching it from the other side of the glass, thinking that they can just step into the action whenever they feel like it.

Fighting a guy in running shoes on a sheet of ice while you wear a pair of skates is probably as lopsided a fight as one can ask for.  It is disappointing to see that none of the players on the black team took advantage of the opportunity to send a message here.

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