A Hilarious Compilation Of Hurdling Fails (Video)

Is there anything funnier than watching hurdle bloopers?  If there is, I haven’t seen it!

For those who agree, here is a clip you are bound to love.  It features several elementary school students crashing into and tripping over hurdles during what appears to be an outdoor gym class.

After watching this clip and laughing for the following 20 minutes, I couldn’t help but wonder what this teacher was thinking when he/she figured hurdling would be a good activity for these kids to take part in.  Hasn’t he seen the clips?  Doesn’t he know that half of the students in his class have zero athletic ability, and their participation is nothing more than an injury waiting to happen?

I also couldn’t help but notice that the female at the 1:20 mark is probably the most intelligent student in the class.  After watching her fellow classmates experience faceplant after faceplant, she takes the smart approach and simply steps over the hurdles.  Wouldn’t surprise me to see this girl win a Noble Peace Prize or discover a cure for cancer somewhere down the road.

Hat Tip – [Guyism]

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