Here Is A Look At Why Greek Basketball Fans Are Better Than American Basketball Fans (Video)

The scene in the stands during a Greek playoff basketball match looks nothing like what you would find during an NBA Finals game in Miami, Florida.  No moon, boots.  No giants head of Mark Cuban being held up by douchebags with excessive amounts of bling.  No white outs.

Instead, what you will find is something that looks nothing like what you would see at an American basketball game, and every bit like what you would witness at a European soccer match – flares, giants flags and cheers being sung in unison by the entire crowd.

After watching this clip of the fans in attendance for a Greek League Finals match between Panathinaikos and Olympiakos, I can’t help but admit that when it comes to supporting your favorite basketball team, the Europeans are light-years ahead of us here in North America.

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