This Silicone Wang May Be The Key To Winning In Sports (Video)

Most coaches will tell you that the key to winning in sports is practice, hard work and dedication.  That is because most coaches have never heard about Dildo Sports, “the first strap-on athletic accessory that helps you play hard and win big!”

Dildo Sport may appear to be nothing more than a strap-on dildo, but the results it provides are astounding.  Not only does it provide a counter-balance to your natural movement, giving you improved balance, form and technique, but it is also capable of distracting the hell out of your opponent.  After all, not all athletes are capable of filling their pants like Visanthe Shiancoe or the German bobsled team.

Judging by the reviews from this commercial, it appears as though Dildo Sport is winning more than Charlie Sheen!

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