Watch Torii Hunter Leap Over The Right-Field Wall And Crash Into An Old Man (Video)

The Los Angeles Angels Torii Hunter has appeared on plenty of highlight packages in his career, making incredible catches in the outfield before crashing into the wall.  During Saturday’s game against the New York Yankees, he tried to provide us with another spectacular play.  Unfortunately for him, he not only failed to make the catch on a Robinson Cano home run, but he also misjudged his location, causing him to soar over the short right-field fence at Angel Stadium and into an elderly fan.

Oddly enough, the elderly man that cushioned Hunter’s fall was a Yankee fan.  As he was chasing down the long fly ball, Hunter believed he was in the area of the park with a higher outfield fence, but it wasn’t long before both he and the fan realized that wasn’t the case.

The home run by Cano made it 1-0 for the Yankees.  Alex Rodriguez would add a two-run shot in the 6th inning, which was way too far out of Hunter’s reach for him to make an attempt on it, giving the Yanks the 3-2 win.

Here is another look at Hunter’s adventure in the outfield.

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