Watch Bryce Harper Hit A Home Run And Blow A Kiss To The Pitcher (Video)

Baseball fans everywhere are patiently waiting for Washington Nationals prospect Bryce Harper to make his MLB debut, but it appears as though the highly-touted 18-year-old is still having fun terrorizing minor league pitchers throughout America.

He continued his assault on Class-A pitchers last night when he sent a pitch soaring over the outfield fence.  As soon as the ball came off his bat, Harper knew it was gone, as he casually walked his first few steps before slowly jogging around the bases.  That display seemed to irk the Greensboro Grasshoppers pitcher, who had a few choice words for Harper, but rather than respond with some words of his own, Bryce simply blew him a kiss.

Some may see this as a lack of sportsmanship from a cocky young kid.  I say if the pitcher didn’t want to be on the receiving end of that kiss, he should have thought twice about running his mouth after serving up a homer to Harper.

Hat tip – [The Big Lead]

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