Backspin Turned This Penalty Kick Miss Into A Penalty Kick Goal (Video)

If every soccer goalkeeper would read our blog or take a class in physics, they would all know that a penalty kick isn’t over until the ball has come to a complete stop or is safely cleared from the vicinity of the net.

The latest goaltender to learn this lesson was Loris Angeli of Italian seventh division club Dro.  During a shootout in a playoff game against Termeno to decide which club would be promoted to the sixth division, Termeno’s Michael Palma watched his shot ricochet square off the crossbar and land several meters in front of the net.  But after falling to his knees in disbelief and watching the opposing goalkeeper run to his teammates in celebration, the ball took a wicked bounce backwards and slowly rolled past the goal line.  The referees watched it all transpire and after having a few words with each other, they decided it was a good goal.

Termeno’s goalkeeper stopped the following shot, sealing the victory and their club’s promotion to the sixth division.  It wasn’t the prettiest win by any stretch of the imagination, but I’d assume most wins aren’t all that pretty when you are playing in the seventh division of any sports league.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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