Ryan Giggs’ Affair With His Sister-In-Law Gets Animated (Video)

The Taiwanese felt the need to give Ryan Giggs’ affair with TV star and glamor model Imogen Thomasv its very own animated twist, so it would only make sense for them to do the same following the breaking news of his most recent affair, this one with the wife of his very own brother.

Many may have thought of Giggs as a family man before, but this is what you would call “getting a little too close to your family.”  After word spread that Giggs had been cheating on his wife with Imogen, Natasha Giggs, Ryan’s sister-in-law, decided to come forward with the details surrounding her eight-year affair with the Manchester United star.  Natasha met Giggs’ brother, Rhodi, through Ryan and the two of them got married shortly after.  However, that wasn’t enough to stop Giggs from pursuing Natasha.

Recent reports have since indicated that Natasha felt she and Ryan had something special during their affair, but when she found out he was sleeping with other women, she decided to exact some revenge by sleeping with fellow Manchester United teammates Dwight Yorke, Danny Simpson and Phil Bardsley.

As for Rhodi, he has since threatened to attack his brother with a hammer, but it now seems as though he may have to wipe Home Depot’s entire stock of hammers clean if he wants to get back at every man who slept with his wife.

Here is a look at the Taiwanese animated version of the incident.

Hat Tip – [TheScore]

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