Texas Rangers Draft Paralyzed Georgia Bulldogs Player

Johnathan Taylor’s promising baseball career appeared to have come to an end on March 6th when he collided with fellow outfielder and close friend Zach Cone during a game against Florida State.  Taylor suffered a broken neck on the play and was paralyzed front he waist down, but he is currently completing rehab at the Shepherd Spinal Center in Atlanta and has showed signs of improvement.

Taylor, along with his friends, teammates and family members, received more good news regarding his progress on Wednesday when it was announced that the Texas Rangers had used their pick in the 33rd round of the MLB amateur draft to select Johnathan.

“This was truly a classy move and a great gesture on the part of the Texas Rangers organization,” Georgia coach David Perno told the media in a statement released by the school, and we couldn’t agree more with him.  The Rangers selected Zach Cone, who is one of Taylor’s closest friends, with the 37th pick of the draft, and they wanted to show him how much they care about players in their organization by using a later pick to select him good friend and teammate.

“That’s like one of my best friends,” Cone said. “For them to do that shows a lot about this organization. It means so much to him and our families.”

Perno believes that if Taylor didn’t suffer that tragic accident in the outfield, he would have been drafted and playing pro ball some day.  Unfortunately, that no longer seems possible, but Taylor continues to have a strong attitude going forward.

As for the Rangers, they appear to have picked up right where they left off after winning the American League pennant last season, as they currently sit atop the AL West standings.  In addition to being one of the best teams in baseball at the moment, they have also proven themselves to be among the classiest organizations in the Majors by drafting Taylor.

And for those who believe in karma, this could be the Rangers’ ticket to back-to-back World Series appearances.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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