Tim Thomas Lays The Lumber On Alex Burrows (Video)

Stopping pucks wasn’t the only thing Tim Thomas was busy doing last night.  With his team holding a comfortable 4-0 lead in the third period of Game 4 and the bad blood between the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins continuing to boil, Thomas decided to get in on the rough stuff and send a message to Alex Burrows with a vicious slash to the back of his legs.

Burrows retaliated with a punch to the face of Thomas, and the Bruins goalkeeper did some punching of his own as well, before the two players were broken up by the referees and other players on the ice.

After the game Thomas told CBC’s Elliotte Friedman that Burrows had slashed the stick out of his hands while standing in front of the net on a few occasions, and he figured with the victory already solidified, it was a good time to send a message to Burrows and the rest of the Canucks players.

Burrows will probably be feeling that message today, but the more painful blow he and his teammates were dealt could be seen on the scoreboard at TD Gardens after 60 minutes of play last night.

Here is a look at what transpired in front of the Bruins’ net last night.

Hat Tip to reader Conor Trahar for the find.

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