Ovechkin Spending Off-Season Taking Hits From The Bong

Okay, so it isn’t exactly a bong.  It’s a hookah.  And what he’s smoking from it is probably shisha.  Not weed.  However, that wont stop us from questioning Alex Ovechkin’s off-season regimen.  Not after hearing that in addition to the hookah, the Caps’ forward also ordered two dozen large glasses of beer, fried steaks and salads for he and his friends during a recent visit to a Russian restaurant named “Column.”

According to an employee at the restaurant, Ovechkin’s tab came out to 30 thousand rubles, which is equal to just over $1000 USD.  However, his tab was covered by a VIP member at the restaurant who recognized the Russian star.  I guess the only thing cheaper better than paying for a beer with rubles is getting it for free.

Chug one for us Ovi!

Hat Tip – (Life Sports)

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