Picture Of The Day: Luongo Doesn’t Always Play Like A Bag Of Sh…

…  But when he does, he prefers the playoffs.


I couldn’t have said it any better myself.  When it comes to the regular season, there aren’t many goalies in the league that you would rather have over Roberto Luongo.  However, that all changes once the playoffs roll around.  Sure, his numbers in the regular season and playoffs over his career may appear to be the same, but you can throw those numbers out the window when you are allowing twelve goals against over the course of two games in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Unfortunately, it isn’t the first time we’ve seen this type of performance from Luongo.  After all, this is the same guy that allowed 17 goals against in the final four games of Vancouver’s second round series against Chicago last post-season, and 10 goals against to the Blackhawks in the final two games of their series the post-season before that.

Luongo will have another chance to redeem himself tonight in a game that could very well be the defining point of his career.  Should he come up short once again, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this image go viral.

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