Watch Daniel Sedin Just Stand There And Take Punches From Brad Marchand (Video)

I’m not sure who the bigger pussy is here.  Brad Marchand for going after the one guy on the ice he knows isn’t going to retaliate following a half-dozen punches to the face, or Daniel Sedin for simply standing there and enduring jab after jab without delivering so much as a spear to the ribs or a facewash to the Bruins’ pest.

I’m going to have to call this one a draw.

Hey Sedin!  Why don’t you stick up for yourself next time?  Deliver some lumber to the back of that rookie’s legs!  Make him know that he can’t get away with shit like that!

And Marchand! Why don’t you try picking on someone who isn’t Swedish for a change?  Let’s see you try that stunt on Raffi Torres or Kevin Bieksa!

Once a pussy, always a pussy.  I guess somethings just can’t be changed.

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