Clint Dempsey Didn’t Feel Like Scoring This Goal For The U.S. Last Night (Video)

After losing to Panama in their second round robin game of the 2011 Gold Cup, the United States needed a win over Guadeloupe to advance to the quarter-finals.

Jozy Altidore got them off to a great start with a screamer from outside the box that found the top corner of the net only eight minutes into the game.  As for the rest of the American team, they seemed to think that Altidore’s goal was enough insurance for the remaining 82 minutes, as none of them appeared to be interested in adding a second goal.  Not Landon Donovan.  Not Chris Wondolowski. And certainly not Clint Dempsey, who found himself with the ball at his feet and nothing standing between hims and the goal only 2 meters in front of him, but opted to wait long enough to allow a Guadeloupe defender to make a goal-saving tackle from behind.

Against decent competition, errors like that will often lose you the game.  Thankfully for Dempsey and the U.S., this is the Gold Cup and their competition was Guadeloupe.  So that single goal in the eighth-minute proved to be more than enough to advance to the quarter-finals on this occasion.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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