Was This Tweener Shot From Andy Murray Really Necessary? (Video)

After losing the first set and leading 6-5 in the second set of his finals match at Queen’s Club against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, England’s Andy Murray decided it would be a good time to give the crowd something to get excited about.  From his point of view, a tweener shot was just what the doctor ordered.  However, his first attempt to dazzle the crowd was thwarted by a diving volley from Tsonga, who earned the point.

That didn’t seem to deter Murray from giving it another go, however, as he hit what may very well have been the most unnecessary tweener-winner in the history of men’s tennis during the following set.

With Tsonga caught out of position during the fourth point of the eighth game in the third set, Murray decided to take the road of showmanship over sportsmanship by delivering an easy cross-court through-the-legs winner.  Murray would go on to win the match and the 2011 Queen’s Club Championship, but his showboating may have angered the tennis gods, which isn’t a good thing leading up to Wimbledon.

Here is a look at both of Andy’s tweeners from the match.

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