D-Backs Fan Wrestles Foul Ball From A Lovely Blond (Video)

Sometimes I just don’t get baseball fans.  I mean, sure, everyone wants to catch Barry Bonds’ 756th career home run ball, or his 71st home run ball from the 2001 season.  That’s understandable, seeing as how you can flip that thing for thousands of dollars on eBay.  But what is the big deal about catching a foul ball off the bat of Arizona’s Chris Young during game 70 of the regular season?  Is it really worth leaping over a row of seats and wrestling it away from a lovely blond woman?

This douchebag D-Backs fan seemed to think so, and the only thing more pathetic than his overly-aggressive attempt to retrieve the meaningless foul ball was the fact that he seemed awfully fatigued afterwards.

Hat Tip – [Sharapova’s Thigh]

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