Canadian Water Polo Player Caught on Camera During Vancouver Riots Apologizes (Video)

Following the Vancouver riot last Wednesday that made headlines around the world, police officers and city officials asked citizens to post their pictures of the event and identify anyone they recognized in the images.  Among those identified was 17-year-old Nathan Kotylak, who was captured in the image above attempting to set a police car ablaze by lighting a rag in the gas tank on fire.

Kotylak has since turned himself in and could face charges for arson and inciting a riot.  He is also a member of the Canadian junior water polo team, but has since been suspended by Water Polo Canada as they investigate the incident.  He apologized for his actions, but that hasn’t seemed to satisfy those who were forced to watch their city go up in flames and their city’s reputation burn to the the ground because of the actions of a few.

Here is a look at Kotylak sobbing as he issues his apology on national television.

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