John Wall’s Opening Pitch May Be The Worst Opening Pitch In The History Of Opening Pitches (Video)

John Wall can dribble and shoot with the best of them, but luckily for him his ability to throw a ball wasn’t tested prior to the 2010 NBA Draft, else the first-overall pick likely would have fallen out of the first round.

Wall was asked to throw out the opening pitch prior to Friday’s game between the Washington Nationals and the Baltimore Orioles, but his pitch turned out to be more of a bounce-pass to home plate.  It is sad to think that the man who is responsible for carrying the ball up the court and dishing it out to his teammates during every possession can’t even throw a baseball 60 feet without it touching the ground.  Even sadder is the fact that the Nationals are considering adding Wall to their starting rotation.

Okay, so I may have lied about the last one.  Here is a look at Wall’s embarrassing opening pitch.

Hat Tip – [Washington Post]

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