Erin Andrews Refuses To Sign A Kid’s Ball At College World Series, Confronts Him When He Mentions Her Video (Video)

Many of the fans that show up to the NCAA’s College World Series do so to see some of the best collegiate baseball players in action, but there are those select few that show up just to get a closer look at the lovely Erin Andrews.  One of those select few decided to ask Erin for an autograph as she spoke to members of the South Carolina Gamecocks following their game.

Much to his dismay, his request was rejected by the lovely ESPN sideline reporter, causing him to respond by saying “I’m gonna watch your video tomorrow.”  That seemed to irk Andrews, who asked the youngster to repeat himself.  When he refused, she responded by saying, “If you are going to be cool enough to say that, man up to it.”

We couldn’t agree more with Erin on this one.  What kind of a douchebag makes a comment like that, only to shy away from it when she confronts him?  Isn’t that the whole point of making such a controversial statement?  Isn’t a little face-to-face time with Erin Andrews what every man wants?  A real man would have spun this opportunity in his favor.  “You heard what I said Erin.  I loved that video and you looked amazing in it, even though I don’t agree with some creepy man violating your privacy.  Would you like to sign my ball and maybe come over to my place to watch the video and munch on some popcorn?”

I guess some guys just don’t have any game.  The real action begins at the 2:25 mark.

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