Female Rockies Fan Takes Out Male Tigers Fan Going For A Foul Ball (Video)

Did the selling price of a foul ball off the bat of an average Major Leaguer suddenly go up without anyone telling me?  How else would you explain the overly-aggressive antics exhibited by fans going after these otherwise useless souvenirs lately?

Last week it was a male fan wrestling a foul ball away from a female during an Arizona Diamondbacks game.  The ladies got their revenge over the weekend when a female Rockies fan took out a male Tigers fan who was going after a foul ball along the stairway in the lower bowl at Coors Field.  It appears as though the collision not only sent both parties crashing to the ground, but it also caused them both to come up empty handed.

Thankfully, the cameras captured the entire incident, which is bad news for the Tigers fan.  After all, no man wants to get barreled over by a female on live television.

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